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Whether you test in a lab, the plant, or the field, your success depends as much on your choice of test accessories as it does on the accuracy of your instruments.


Pomona Electronics is a leading supplier of accessories for electronic test instruments. Designed for a wide range of test and design applications, Pomona products are recognized worldwide as being of the highest quality, dependability and reliability.

To meet the rapidly expanding needs of the market, Pomona is continually developing new products. Today, we have the broadest line of connection and test accessories in the world, for applications ranging from engineering research to test labs to field service and plant maintenance. Our large assortment of Pomona test accessories includes banana plugs, coaxial cable assemblies, patch cords, oscilloscope and DMM test lead and probe kits and accessories, IC test clips, boxes, RF connectors, XLR and 75-ohm cable assembly products. For more than 50 years, the Pomona’s innovative design and high quality manufacturing have provided engineers and technicians with tools that keep pace with constantly changing technologies and meet both UL and IEC61010 safety standards as well as being RoHS compliant.

Do you need unique product built for your studio or mobile truck? Or maybe you'd like us to modify an existing catalog product, or add special markings or your logo? Get a quote for your custom product needs.

The Pomona 2013 catalog features new products including SMA, SMB, MCX, and MMCX cable assemblies, as well as our new Calibration Kit, RF connector/adapter expansion and much more. Download it or have it mailed to you - Contact Us now.

With the demand for smaller RF cable assemblies in the communications and instrumentation realms, Pomona is introducing a family of 23 new Pomona RF cable assemblies that include the smaller SMA, SMB, MCX, and MMCX connectors. In addition, the Pomona line is expanding with 19 new RF connectors, such as BNC, TNC, N Type, and UHF connectors and adapters. For more information, you can request a brochure or download it here.

When human error can cost companies millions of dollars or more in lost revenue, minimizing errors is critical. When it happens to be a nuclear power plant, the stakes are even higher. Pomona two-part jumpers and color-coded connectors help a nuclear power plant maintain the highest level of safety. For more information, visit here.

The Pomona CK73041 includes major connectors and test cables for instrument calibration in a comprehensive kit. Versatile adapters and flexible cables expand the variety of test cables you can create for calibration applications. Visit here for more information, or request a brochure.
The current Pomona OEM Catalog for Electronics Manufacturing, Aerospace, Communications, Instrumentation, Business Equipment, and Automotive. Download it here. For information on OEM items only.

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