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EVERETT, WA - Pomona Electronics, the leading brand of cables, connectors and test accessories, announces a new series of high-performance test leads, plugs and jacks that conform to the new IEC 61010-2-031 safety standards. Pomona connectors offer a variety of advantages:

  • Designed to meet rigid international safety standards
  • Stainless steel sharp tip with 8/32 threaded base
  • Alligator clip screws to probe tip, eliminating accidental test probe separation
  • Simple assembly

All Pomona connectors meeting IEC 61010-2-031 are made to the highest quality standards with nickel plated brass or Beryllium copper and have ratings up to 1000 Vrms, CAT III at 20 A for long-lasting connections.

For more product information, contact: Pomona Electronics, 9028 Evergreen Way M/S 85, Everett, WA USA 98204. Call (425) 446-6100, fax (425) 446-6070, or e-mail Pomona Electronics-brand cables, connectors and test accessories are available at industrial and electronics supply outlets worldwide.


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