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Pomona Electronics announces new 50th edition product catalog
Largest line of cables, connectors,
and test accessories in one volume

EVERETT, WA - Pomona Electronics, the leading brand of cables, connectors, and test and design accessories, offers the world's largest selection of quality test products and accessories in its 50th edition Pomona product catalog.

The 100-page, full-color Pomona catalog features over 3,000 test and measurement connectivity products for use in a broad spectrum of electronic and electrical equipment test configurations. For over half a century, the Pomona name has been synonymous with quality and reliability to enhance electronic test performance.

The new catalog includes better organization for easier navigation of 38 new products in 16 separate product categories that range from coaxial connectors to grabbers and test clips. In addition, there are 41 new products plus an increased number of easy-to-read-and-understand specifications to aid in product selection.

For more product information, contact: Pomona Electronics, 9028 Evergreen Way M/S 85, Everett, WA USA 98204. Call (425) 446-6100, fax (425) 446-6070, or e-mail Pomona Electronics-brand cables, connectors and test accessories are available at industrial and electronics supply outlets worldwide.


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