Pomona Electronics announces time-saving F Connectors

Three-step installation without needing a crimp tool saves time

EVERETT, WA – Pomona Electronics, the leading brand of cables, connectors and test accessories, announces a new F Connector series that features an easy, three-step installation process: strip the wire; fold back the braid; and push on the F connector without a crimp tool. This procedure results in a safe, secure connection with 40lb. minimum cable retention.

All Pomona connectors, are durably made to the highest quality standards with gold-plated brass center contacts for excellent, long-lasting connections and are backed with complete engineering drawings and support.

For more product information, contact: Pomona Electronics, 9028 Evergreen Way M/S 85, Everett, WA USA 98204. Call (425) 446-6100, fax (425) 446-6070, or request a catalog. Pomona Electronics-brand cables, connectors and test accessories are available at industrial and electronics supply outlets worldwide.

  • Pomona models 6707/08/09/10. These F connectors are designed for RG6 or RG59 cables.
  • “F Between Series Adapters”, Pomona models 6714/15/16, allow cables with F connectors to attach quickly and reliably with BNC connectors.
  • “F Within Series Adapters”, Pomona models 6712 and 6713, maximize space behind equipment by allowing 90-degree cable attachment to either F-type female or male adapters.
  • “F Bulkhead receptacle”, Pomona model 6706 allows two F-type male connectors to connect together, stand along side or through a bulkhead or panel.
  • “F Female PCB Mount” Pomona model 6711 for RG59 or RG6 cables mounts and locks onto the circuit board preventing any rotation of the part.
F Connectors