New! Calibration Kit

The connections you need for extended instrument calibration

Many calibration applications call for special-purpose patch cords and connectors. Versatile adapters and flexible cables can greatly expand the variety of test cables needed for those applications. The Pomona Calibration kit includes major connectors and test cables for instrument calibration in one comprehensive kit.

Calibration Kit


The Calibration Kit allows you to:

  • Combine connectors with patch cords to create a wide variety of necessary test cables
  • Reduce the number of test cables needed by creating multiple combinations
  • Make low voltage precision measurements with shielded low thermal EMF spade lug patch cords
  • Easily connect to a variety of test equipment with BNC to banana and BNC to binding post adapters
  • Use shielded coax cables for test and calibration rather than unshielded leads
  • Turn banana plug patch cords into test leads terminated with alligator clips, spade lugs, or pin tips
  • Access N Type instrument jacks
  • Connect to analog components from coaxial cables
  • Take advantage of shielded dual conductor patch cords
  • Order the new Calibration Kit from your local distributor; Item CK73041
Calibration Kit brochure