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The widest selection of 75 ohm connectors and adapters for video broadcast.
Whether you’re working at an event, in a mobile truck, or in the studio, professionals like you can’t compromise clear signals. Pomona offers the broadest range of 75 ohm connectors and adapters for every broadcast and production situation. In fact, our line includes the parts you can’t find any place else, like BNC to RCA, XLR to 1/4 inch, and other between series adapters.

Every 75 ohm part delivers the signal purity and higher bandwidth you need for video broadcast.

Connecting today’s CATV systems calls for high performance parts. The connectors you once installed for analog cable TV won’t stand up to the high bandwidth requirements of HDTV, broadband cable, and sophisticated home entertainment systems. For professional performance with extremely easy connections, choose Pomona F connectors. You can quickly install the new push-on style Fs without a crimp tool. You’ll save time, yet your connections will still withstand 40 pounds (18.14 kg) of pull.

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No one matches Pomona’s wide variety of audio interconnects and adapters for the audio professional. Pomona makes interconnecting disparate systems a breeze. Go from XLR to 1/4 inch, from 1/4 inch to RCA, or from RCA to BNC.
Creating a new studio? Outfitting a mobile broadcast truck? Or maybe you’re creating a new audio/video
system. For all the gear you design and install, Pomona has the plugs, jacks, and binding posts you need.

Our world famous MDP banana plugs have set the industry standard for 40 years. From the rugged, hard-molded plug bodies to the beryllium copper plug springs, Pomona banana plugs are constructed to last many times longer than competitive parts.

Your factory source for custom cables.

Do you need a unique product built for your studio or mobile truck? Or maybe you’d like us to modify an existing catalog product? Pomona is your factory source for top-quality, custom
cable assemblies.

Define your own custom broadcast product with any combination of cables, wires, or connectors. Choose the length or color. For coaxial connector adapter assemblies, you can request any combination of strain relief sheathing and color-coding. Choose special wire, markings, or lengths. We can also customize your
products with your logo or other special markings.


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